Selecting the right system for you.

Step 1

Determine how much power and energy you need as backup power.

You can calculate this by downloading our calculator here:

Download the energy and power demand calculator here.

Once you know how much backup power and energy you need from our energy and power demand calculator, you can use it to select the right size system for your needs.

If you do not know how to calculate how much backup power and energy you need you can find it out contacting us. All our contact details are on the Contact Us page.


Step 2

According to your "Peak Power", and "Backup Energy" requirements, select the correct system from this table:

Number Name Peak Power

Backup energy

Pure sine wave
1 Ellies UPS 600W - FBIT1000 0.6 kW 0.9 kWh No
2 Ellies UPS 1200W - FBIT2000 1.2 kW 1.9 kWh No
3 Backup Power System 1 0.5 kW 2.0 kWh Yes
4 Backup Power System 2 1.6 kW 3.4 kWh Yes
5 Backup Power System 3   2.4 kW 2.9 kWh Yes 

 View all systems here

Step 3

You can buy and pay online. We will deliver it to your door.


Step 4

If the system requires installation to your distribution board. Contact one of our recommended installers for a quote on installation and an installation date.